Life Comes At Ya Fast

“Life Comes @ Ya Fast”

Weeelllllll, as it goes (happening quite often in my life) LIFE, throwing me, yet another curve ball. Ya know of a list of 3 items, you can only have 2 at a least that’s how it often seems. [And] As per usual, the one recurring issue/situation, is that of needing/getting/establishing/having/keeping a residence/base of operations.

So quick re-cap: I FINALLY have a boyfriend!!! One worthwhile; that loves me UN-conditionally; respects me; and shares (or at least we’ve come to eye level on) many of my views. It happened very quickly, but as in the past, I KNEW from the word go! And THIS one was/is worth throwing both caution and my previously broken heart, to the wind. Diving head first, into the deep end, without a moments hesitation, I chose to go with my gut and go (quite literally) ALL in.

Ok, so that’s a boyfriend and (having obtained a vehicle year before last) MY Land ‘Rovah’. That makes 2 out of 3, the third being, a place to call home…riiiiiight. So that place for like, the past 4 years, being incredibly stable. Until recently, when upon paying a rent payment, I/we were informed that, basically, “he” was selling the house to a friend; we had a little less than 4-5 weeks to figure out somewhere else to go.
Now, I have NO place to go. I can only do what I’ve been doing and work as much/often as I can. Use the power of my incredible brain to do its job: acquire all possible info; consider all variables; deduce the best course of action and instruct me on how to progress in a forward (or at least a linear) fashion.

[I’m still processing such btw] BUT, with just a few simple, new pieces of info to plug into the equation (and if you know me, like at ALL, you know that I am NO good ((whatsoever)) at mathematics), the “answer(s)”/conclusion(s)/eventuality(ies) is/are beginning to solidify. I should say the means in which to acquire said solution, is beginning to clarify itself.

We shall see how the dice decides to land, as well as (where) myself, for that matter….more to come later (possibly).

Until the end of time: “MAKE MINE MARVEL”
Ryan C. Pike


With the rise of The Harvest Moon

So many things, up in the air, at the momentary. All JUST in time for winter, to do its job, and make everything  ten times harder.

* relationships



*a/my place of residence

*state of mind



So this quote has been on this mirror for yeeearrs.. It’s actually one of Wes’ quotes.   I found it written in one of my notebooks, fairly shortly after he’d passed. He must’ve done it years before hand, I had just never noticed. But, I just wiped the mirror clean…the past few weeks I’ve been doing my best to consolidate, both tangible things and emotions. I just felt like it was time to “clean slate” and replace it with something more relative…

My favorite quote, from Wes

My favorite quote, from Wes